Friday, April 23, 2010

In prog

This ones for Rommel...
I hope this helps to answer your question. First I try to figure out the overall gesture. I usually do this without reference. This keeps things a bit more exaggerated and helps to push the rhythm more. Then, I go to reference for all the bits I can't figure out. Which works out pretty well for 2 reasons. 1- it forces me to solve more problems with understanding how the forms actually move and work. 2- it makes sure that the reference helps to inform what I want to do, without dictating what it has to be. Usually I have like 5 or more references for 1 image. A hand here, a foot there, a smile I like. And then it all gets frankensteined together. Once I have the overall line, I start to add value, and then color. Always in that order. If I was a better painter, I would start with value and let the forms just loosly come together. but this is what seems to be working for me right now.

Here are some of the weblings when they were still in progress.
Hope you like 'em.


Rommel360 said...

hey man that's really cool! I'm glad you showed this stuff. Do you also have creatures for Weblings?

NickZ. said...

Really cool to see your understructure of your illustrations. Love your style!

Peace-NickZ. :)