Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Double Up

So I kinda figured out early on that I really dug doing the double card sketch. I think it actually made things faster for me. Its like doing one drawing over two cards. I get to have some minor character interactions, and I can work with a more Horizontal composition. The only hook is that I wanted them to make at least a little sense when looked at individually. Odds are they will never be put together again once they get shipped out. Unless you get really really lucky.

Wolverine / Sabretooth:
I definitely wanted to do a Wolverine and Sabretooth card. Since Sabretooth is now dead, it felt fitting to pay tribute to the old rivalry I knew so well growing up. I was tempted to do a version of the scene where Wolverine takes of Sabretooth's head but I thought it you just got a single card of a decapitated Sabretooth, well, that would be kinda lame.
Also, on a side note. Marvel has recently instated an initiative stating that all Marvel Characters no longer smoke. After all -PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT- Smoking is hazardous to your health and makes your breath smell like butt and chicks will never want to kiss you ( unless they smoke too - then you're golden ).
So in case any of you were wondering what that stogie was doing flying out of Wolverine's mouth.. well, he just quit. Shortly after this scene he went out and bought some nicotine patches.

Gambit and Rogue:
Man, I loved those characters growing up. I liked the fact that gambit was supposed to be a player and all slick, but he ends up getting all hung up on this chick he can't even touch. Man, thats gotta suck. And in case you were wonering what that last pic is, I really just wasn't too stoked on how the inks on her head came out. So, for kicks, I went and painted her head, just to see if I could get myself to like it more. Anyway,


rico said...

You really nail these old x folks, nice stuff! Those mohawk Storms are gorgeous too.

ChrisOrtega said...

Thanks Rico!
Gotta love a girl in a mohawk ;p