Monday, February 04, 2008

back again

Hi everybody,
all 1 or maybe 2 of you,
I'm back from whats been a really crazy few months. Since my last post I've officially become a new dad. I gots me a brand new beautiful baby girl. She's so rad. Her name is Issabella. But I like to call her Izzy. Check out her awesome-ness at her very own blog, updated much more regularly than mine I might add.

But just for kicks, I thought I'd try to update my blog at least once a year, hopefully more. I gave CeeBee such crap about not having a blog, and now he's an updating monster.

Well, I'm workin on it I swear.
So for now here are some more sketch cards. I had much more fun on this batch, I'll have some more to post later.

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