Tuesday, February 05, 2008

More Marvel Masterpieces

Okay, as promised, here are some more of the sketch cards I did for the Marvel Masterpieces set.
I hope you dig em.
Couple of things nobody will notice, but I got a kick out of...
Cable is the man that has it at, and he's usually carrying it all with him all the time. But what does the does the discerning merc from the future really need... a spoon of course. A little Cambell's chuncky chicken noodle will make almost anybody, even cyborgs feel just a lil' better.
I can't help but think that If I had the mighty power of magnetism, I'd probly just waste it on some of your lesser known uses, like finding my keys or always having that extra paperclip handy.
Doctor Strange and Clea:
Here's what I love about Doctor Strange... If you really think about it, he's this guy whose already spent like 10+ years going thru med school, had a career as a doctor, lost it all, mastered magic, and whatever else in between. This dude had to be at least in his early sixties, at least. And Clea is like this 200 year old princess from another dimension, but she'll always look like she's 20. So basically you got this older guy who has a really young lookin chick who not only loves him, but is also his disciple. Doc Strange is the Man!

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chris be said...

dang, the girl wif dr strange is awesome sir! i also see you drew magnetos head straight on ;p